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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    Aerospace Exposition

    Grapevine Ballroom

    The Exposition Hall is the Hub of Activity During This Event —

    ...from seeing exhibitor displays to attending special presentations, from enjoying networking breaks to staying in touch at the Cyber Café, from browsing AIAA publications in the AIAA Pavilion to speed networking...


    Information for Exhibitors >

    Exposition Hall Hours

    Tuesday, 8 January
    0700–1200 hrs, 1345–1600 hrs, 1830–2000 hrs

    Wednesday, 9 January
    0700–1600 hrs

    Exposition Hall Events

    Tuesday, 8 January
    0700–0800 hrs   Continental Breakfast
    0900–0945 hrs   Coffee Break
    1345–1600 hrs   Dessert and Coffee
    1830–2000 hrs   Waypoint Reception

    Wednesday, 9 January
    0700-0800 hrs    Continental Breakfast
    0900–0945 hrs    Coffee Break
    1200–1330 hrs    Luncheon Reception

    1430-1515 hrs    Coffee Break

    Presentation Stage Activities

    Click here to view presentation details. 


    Tuesday, 8 January 
    0725–0735 hrs     AUR, Inc
    0740–0750 hrs     KARALIT
    0900–0945 hrs     AIAA Graduate Student Presentations
    1405–1425 hrs     U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security
    1435–1445 hrs     Aerospace America
    1450–1500 hrs     dSPACE Inc.
    1505–1515 hrs     ViGYAN, Inc.
    1520–1530 hrs     Wolverine Ventures Inc.
    1535–1545 hrs     BETA CAE Systems

    Wednesday, 9 January
    0725–0735 hrs    J2 Aircraft
    0740–0750 hrs    DARcorporation
    0905–0925 hrs    U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security
    0925–0935 hrs    113th Congress and Appropriations
    1435–1445 hrs    Boeing Technology Services
    1450–1500 hrs    J2 Aircraft

    Exhibitors as of 12/20/2012

    AeroSoft, Inc
    Airborne Systems 
    American Legislative Exchange Council 

    ANSYS. Inc

    Arnold Engineering Development Complex
    AUR, Inc.

    BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc.
    Boeing Technology Services
    Cambridge Flow Solutions, Ltd.
    Cambridge University Press
    Computational Engineering International
    Cray, Inc

    Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.

    Dunmore Corporation 
    Hanley Innovations

    Intelligent Light 


    Khalifa University of Science, Technology, & Research
    LaVision, Inc.

    Lockheed Martin Corporation


    Metacomp Technologies
    Micro Craft, Inc. 
    NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

    National Institute of Aerospace
    National Reconnaissance Office

    National Research Council of the National Academies

    NUMECA, USA, Inc.
    Office of Naval Research

    Photron, Inc.
    Pointwise, Inc. 
    Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
    SG – Space and Ground Engineering Solutions
    Siemens PLM Software
    Software Cradle
    Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University

    Tecplot, Inc.
    Tetra Research Corporation
    Tri Models, Inc.
    Triumph Aerospace Systems- Newport News
    University of Tennessee 
    VIGYAN, Inc.

    Wolverine Ventures