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    Courses and Workshops

    Continuing Education Courses

    Let AIAA Continuing Education courses pave the way to your continuing and future success! As the premier association representing aeronautics and astronautics professionals, AIAA has been a conduit for continuing education for more than sixty years. AIAA offers the best instructors and courses, and is committed to keeping aerospace professionals at their technical best.Register for any course and attend the Conference for FREE! (Registration fee includes full conference participation: admittance to technical and plenary sessions; receptions, luncheons, and online proceedings.)

    Liquid Propulsion Systems – Evolutions and Advancements  

    Alan Frankel, Dr. Ivett Leyva, and Patrick Alliot


    Thursday–Friday, 0815–1700 hrs


    Liquid propulsion systems are critical to launch vehicle and spacecraft performance, and mission success. This two-day course, taught by a team of government, industry and international experts, will cover propulsion fundamentals and topics of interest in launch vehicle and spacecraft propulsion; non-toxic propulsion; microsat and cubesat propulsion; propulsion system design and performance; and human rating of liquid engines. In keeping with the theme of the 2011 JPC, "Turning Propulsion Ideas into Reality", lessons learned from development and flight of components and systems will be discussed.

    Missile Propulsion Design and System Engineering

    Eugene L. Fleeman 


    Thursday–Friday, 0815–1700 hrs


    A system-level, integrated method is provided for the missile propulsion system design, development, analysis, and system engineering activities in addressing requirements such as cost, performance, risk, and launch platform integration. The methods presented are generally simple closed-form analytical expressions that are physics-based, to provide insight into the primary driving parameters. Sizing examples are presented for rocket-powered, ramjet-powered, and turbo-jet powered baseline missiles. Typical values of missile propulsion parameters and the characteristics of current operational missiles are discussed as well as the enabling subsystems and technologies for missile propulsion and the current/projected state-of-the-art. Videos illustrate missile propulsion development activities and performance.