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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Continuing Education and Workshops

    Continuing Education and Workshops


    Six Degrees of Freedom Modeling of Missile and Aircraft Simulations

    Peter Zipfel


    Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 January, 0815-1700 hrs


    As modeling and simulation (M&S) is penetrating the aerospace sciences at all levels, this two-day course will introduce you to the difficult subject of modeling aerospace vehicles in six degrees of freedom (6 DoF). Starting with the modern approach of tensors, the equations of motion are derived and, after introducing coordinate systems, they are expressed in matrices for compact computer programming. Aircraft and missile prototypes will exemplify 6 DoF aerodynamic modeling, rocket and turbojet propulsion, actuating systems, autopilots, guidance, and seekers. These subsystems will be integrated step by step into full-up simulations. For demonstrations, typical fly-out trajectories will be run and projected on the screen. The provided source code and plotting programs lets you duplicate the trajectories on your PC (requires FORTRAN or C++ compiler). With the provided prototype simulations you can build your own 6 DoF aerospace simulations.

    Specialist’s Course on Flow Control

    David Williams, Daniel Miller, and Dr. Kunihiko Taira


    Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 January, 0815-1700 hrs


    The techniques of Active Flow Control are becoming more sophisticated as Fluid Dynamics, Control and Dynamical Systems Theory merge to design control architectures capable of solving challenging flow control applications. The two-day course will examine advanced topics in active flow control, placing particular emphasis on “how to do flow control.” This new course will complement the more fundamental AIAA Short Course on “Modern Flow Control.” Modern dynamical systems and control theory related to closed-loop flow control and performance limitations will be discussed. State of the art actuator and sensor design techniques will be covered. Two case studies will be presented that describe recent success stories about the implementation of active flow control on advanced aircraft. The six course lecturers have extensive backgrounds in flow control, coming from industry and academia.

    Systems Engineering Verification and Validation

    John C. Hsu


    Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 January, 0815-1700 hrs


    This course will focus on the verification and validation aspect that is the beginning, from the validation point-of-view, and the final part of the systems engineering task for a program/project. It will clarify the confusing use of verification and validation. Familiarize yourself with validating requirements and generating verification requirements. Start with the verification and validation plans. Then learn how to choose the best verification method and approach. Test and Evaluation Master Plan leads to test planning and analysis. Conducting test involves activities, facilities, equipments, and personnel. Evaluation is the process of analyzing and interpreting data. Acceptance test assures that the products meet what intended to purchase. There are functional and physical audits. Simulation and Modeling provides virtual duplication of products and processes in operational valid environments. Verification management organizes verification task and provides total traceability from customer requirements to verification report elements.


    Tactical Maneuvering—Charting Your Own Career: A Career and Workforce Development Workshop

    Tuesday, 8 January, 0930–1200 hrs and 1430–1700 hrs


    Are you just beginning your career, in your early career and preparing for a career transition or mid-career and looking for a new direction? Get a jump start and attend the Career and Workforce Development Workshop. This activity features a series of presentations to guide and position you to get the most out of your career, including topics on what to expect in the first two years of an aerospace career, how to develop your career by knowing yourself, and what managers want from their engineers for promotion.


    GET YOUR GREEN CARD—Immigration Options for Scientists and R&D Engineers

    Tuesday, 8 January, 0900-1200

    Attorney Mark Harrington presents an overview of "Green Card" options available for foreign-born scientists and R&D engineers. Employer-sponsored green card cases as well as cases that can be self-filed directly by immigrants without the need for official sponsorship from an employer will also be covered A Q&A session will follow the formal presentation.


    Intellectual Property Law Workshop

    Wednesday, 9 January, 0900-1200


    The United States has recently implemented sweeping changes to its patent laws. These changes will have a profound impact on the rights of inventors and researchers. Intellectual Property Law Attorney Richard Jaworski, with over 20 years of experience, will present a workshop to provide insight into the various options that are available for protecting Intellectual Property. The workshop will discuss the process for obtaining patents, copyrights and trademarks and the advantages/disadvantages of each type of protection. It will include a detailed discussion of the recent changes to patent laws and how they will impact those who are currently navigating or considering navigating the patent process. A Q&A session will follow the end of the presentation.