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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Course Outline

    • Concepts in Modeling with Tensors
      • Definitions, the M&S pyramid

    • Matrices, Vectors, and Tensors
      • Invariant modeling with tensors
      • Definition of frames and coordinate systems

    • Coordinate Systems
      • Heliocentric, inertial, geographic coordinate systems
      • Body, wind, flight path coordinate systems

    • Kinematics of Flight Mechanics
      • Rotational time derivative
      • Euler transformation

    • Equations of Motion of Aircraft and Missiles
      • Newton’s translational equations
      • Euler’s attitude equations

    • Aerodynamics of Aircraft and Missiles
      • Aircraft aerodynamics in body coordinates
      • Missile aerodynamics in aeroballistic coordinates

    • Propulsion
      • Rocket, turbojet and combined cycle propulsion

    • Autopilots for Aircraft and Missiles
      • Roll and heading autopilots
      • Attitude autopilots
      • Acceleration autopilots

    • Seekers for Missiles
      • Radar and IR sensors

    • Guidance and Navigation
      • Line guidance, proportional navigation
      • Optimal guidance laws

    • Full-up Aircraft Simulation in FORTRAN and C++
    • Full-up Missile Simulation in FORTRAN and C++