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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Organizing Committee

    Organizing Committee 

    Executive Steering Committee 

            Greg Jones
      Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
    Orbital Sciences Corporation  
      David King
      Executive Vice President
    Dynetics, Inc.
      Peter McGrath
      Director, Space Exploration Business Development
    The Boeing Company  
      Peter Montgomery

    Resource Provisioning 

    Department Director,

    Jacobs TOSC, Kennedy Space Center
      Lt Gen (Ret) Tom Sheridan
      Vice President, National Security Space
    SI Organization, Inc.
      Mary Snitch
      Corporate Engineering and Technology
    Lockheed Martin Corporation 
      Lt Gen (Ret) Eugene L. Tattini
      Deputy Director
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
      Gabe Watson 
      Vice President GEOINT, Sensing & Science, Space Systems
    Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems  

    General Chair 

      Peter Montgomery

    Resource Provisioning Department Director, TOSC Group

    Jacobs Technology Inc.

    Technical Program Chairs 

      Randy Kendall
      The Aerospace Corporation 
      John Chobany
      The Aerospace Corporation 

    Education Chair 

      Steven Gorrell
      Brigham Young University

    International Chair 

      James Rendleman

    Member Engagement Chair 

      Kevin Burns
      Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Social Media Chair 

      Greg Johnston
      Infotech Enterprises America 

    Public Policy Chair 

      J.R. Edwards
      Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Recognition Chair

      Jeffrey Puschell 
      Raytheon Company

    Young Professional Chairs

      Zachary Krevor
      Sierra Nevada Corporation
      Katherine Stambaugh
      Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory