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    Iridium NEXT Mission Team Scholarship Winners Announced for 2012-2013

    Iridium NEXT Mission Team Scholarship Winners Announced for 2012-2013

    Seth-GordonSeth Gordon is the $25,000 scholarship winner. He is a senior at Princeton University, majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and realized he wanted to be an engineer while playing with a Lego set he received when he was six years old. This past summer, Mr. Gordon interned at SpaceX, where he designed protection systems to house the electronics in a capsule that will go into space next year. In addition to his interest in aerospace, Mr. Gordon, who is from Bethesda, MD, has served as the Librarian for the Princeton University Band and is a member of Princeton Presbyterians.

    Monica Hew is a senior dual major in physics and aerospace engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, and has been awarded the $15,000 scholarship. Ms. Hew has been involved in various research projects, including PicoSecond Test facility for high energy physics research under CERN, Atlas; Complex System Group at Academia Sinica, Institute of Physics; and structural health monitoring sensor development at UTA’s Advanced Sensor Technology Lab. Ms. Hew is a two-time winner of the AIAA Student Paper Conference in Region IV, published her first journal paper in her sophomore year, and was named the Boeing Engineering Student of the Year in 2012.

    Alexandra Long, a student in the aerospace engineering program at the University of Texas at Austin, received a $5,000 scholarship. During her undergraduate studies, she completed six internships: two at NASA Johnson Space Center, one at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, two at the Air Force Research Laboratory, and one at the SpaceX Test Facility. After Ms. Long graduates in May, 2013, she intends to pursue a graduate degree in aerospace engineering, specializing in space structure.