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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Why Attend?


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    Why Attend? 

    • Present recent advances before a knowledgeable international audience
    • Educate industry customers and providers on their latest research and product developments
    • Extract lessons learned from past system applications and programs to result in increased technical success, cost savings, and schedule savings for current or ensuing projects or programs
    • Network to engage new contacts and refresh old ones
    • Recognize significant achievements from within the community

    Who Should Attend?

    • All levels of engineers, researchers, and scientists from government, industry, and academia
    • Engineering managers and executives
    • Government and industry program managers
    • Business development professionals
    • Young professionals
    • Educators and students
    • Press/media 

    What to Expect?

    • Program 
      • Plenary sessions on ADS Air Systems (Airdrops in Afghanistan, U.S. Air Force’s Precision Airdrop Program, and Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Orbiter Drag Parachute) and ADS Space Systems (Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Rover EDL System, NASA Game Changing Development Program, and NASA Low Density Supersonic Decelerators for Mars Missions)
      • Joint Balloons/LTA plenary session featuring keynotes on Airships as Multi-Functional Platforms and NASA’s Super Pressure Balloon Development, and a panel discussion on Hydrogen as Lifting Gas
      • Technical sessions on all aspects of aerodynamic decelerator, balloon, and lighter-than-air systems, structures, and technologies 
      • Access to more than 150 technical papers and presentations 
      • ADS seminar on Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) research, development, and flight missions 
      • Student paper competition to encourage and engage young minds as they enter the aerospace the industry
    • Networking 
      • Industry reception
      • Awards reception and banquet
      • Networking coffee breaks
      • Young professional networking luncheon
      • Access to PIA Symposium attendees, sessions, and events



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    Co-located with the PIA Meeting and Symposium! 

    The 2013 AIAA event will be held in conjunction with the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) Meeting and Symposium ( PIA’s primary areas of interest are the manufacture of parachute systems and materials, along with the more hands-on aspects of rigging, maintenance, and operation. The AIAA and PIA events will complement each other by providing a broader perspective of the field of aerodynamic decelerators. 

    Joint activities will offer interaction between the groups and increase the value to all participants! AIAA attendees will have access to a limited number of PIA technical sessions that are most relevant to your disciplines; PIA attendees will have access to a limited number AIAA technical sessions of their interest. In addition, AIAA attendees will have access to the PIA exhibit hall throughout the week and the ability to purchase tickets to the PIA networking functions! Tickets may be purchased upon registration.