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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Organizing Committee

    Organizing Committee

    Executive Steering Committee (2014-2015)

    Phil Burkholder

    Executive Vice President, Engineering and Technology


    Michael Heil (2014 General Chair) 

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Ohio Aerospace Institute

    John Kinney
    Director, Advanced Programs Business Development
    GE Aviation

    Dr. Christian Mari
    Vice President, Research and Technology
    SAFRAN Group

    Richard Stulen
    Sandia National Laboratory (retired)

    Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Jr.
    Associate Administrator for Mission Support
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    Forum Organizing Committee 

    Michael Heil, Forum General Chair 

    Ohio Aerospace Institute


    George Williams, Forum Technical Chair

    Ohio Aerospace Institute

    Dr. Christian Mari, International Chair
    SAFRAN Group

    Carol Cash, Public Policy  Chair 
    Carol Cash & Associates

    Sivaram Gogineni, Recognition Chair
    Spectral Energies, LLC

    Steven Gorrell, Education Chair
    Brigham Young University


    Essam Khalil, Member Engagement Chair
    Cairo University

    Art Mallett, Exposition Chair
    Dunmore Corporation

    Christie Pastor-Barsi, Young Professional Chair

    Mike Piczsor, Technical Integration Chair
    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Robert "Joe" Shaw, Government Chair
    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Brian Winters, ITAR Chair 
    Orbital Sciences Corporation


    Technical Program

    George Williams, Forum Technical Chair

    Ohio Aerospace Institute


    Simon Liu, Forum Deputy Technical Chair Energy

    The Aerospace Corporation

    David Jacobson, Forum Deputy Technical Chair Space

    Jerry Welch, Forum Deputy Technical Chair Aviation

    Brian Winters, ITAR Chair
    Orbital Sciences Corporation


    Advanced Propulsion Concepts for Future Flight

    Technical Chair: John W. Robinson

    Aerospace Power Systems
    Technical Chair: Doug M. Allen

    Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration
    Technical Chair: Chris Hughes, NASA

    Electric Propulsion
    Technical Chair: Daniel A. Herman, NASA

    Energetic Components & Systems
    Technical Chair: Brian Smith, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company

    Energy Conversion Device Technology
    Technical Chair: Edward J. Lewandowski, NASA

    Energy Policy, Environmental & Historical Perspectives
    Technical Chair: Michael F. Piszczor, NASA

    Energy Storage Technology
    Technical Chair: Simon Liu, The Aerospace Corporation

    Energy Systems Models and SE Life-Cycle Management
    (IECEC, IEEE Energy Tech, & INCOSE)
    Technical Chair: John Juhasz

    Gas Turbine Engines
    Technical Chair: Dr. Gerard E. Welch, NASA

    Hybrid Rocket Propulsion
    Technical Chair: Madhan Bala, SPG

    High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion/Hypersonic & Combined Cycle Propulsion Application
    Technical Chair

    Liquid Rocket Propulsion
    Technical Chair: Justin Locke, United Technologies Research Center

    Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion
    Technical Chair: Greg Meholic, The Aerospace Corporation

    Propellants & Combustion
    Technical Chair: Joseph C. Oefelein, Sandia National Laboratory

    Propulsion Education
    Technical Chair: Robert A. Frederick Jr., University of Alabama-Huntsville

    Solid Rocket Propulsion
    Technical Chair: Wesley J. Ryan, United Launch Alliance

    Space & Earth-to-Orbit Vehicle Systems
    Technical Chair: Leo Daniel, University of New Orleans

    System Concepts & Supporting Propulsion Technologies
    Technical Chair: Corinne Gatto, JPL

    Terrestrial Energy Systems
    Technical Chair: Charles Alexander, CSU

    Thermal Management Technology
    Technical Chair: Mike Piszczor, NASA