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    John Henderson Bio

    Featured Speaker

    John Henderson

    John B. Henderson 
    LM Fellow
    Spacecraft Propulsion
    Lockheed Martin Information Services & Global Solutions (IS&GS)

    John Henderson has been an LM Fellow since January 2007. He has over 32 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, testing and operation of spacecraft propulsion systems – including over 50 satellites for commercial, military and civilian government applications. As the LM Fellow for Spacecraft Propulsion, John is responsible for ensuring that the technical solutions, and the risks that these solutions bring, are commensurate with the program objectives. He is also responsible for mentoring of LM engineers, ensuring that they are develop (and are challenged) to the full extent of their capabilities.

    John began his career in spacecraft propulsion as a propulsion design engineer working at the NASA-Johnson Space Center in Houston in 1980, where he worked on a variety of hardware, test and analysis tasks associated with getting the Space Shuttle Orbiter Reaction Control Subsystem ready for the initial Shuttle launch. From then until 1995 was responsible for numerous projects – taking on responsibilities involving other Shuttle subsystems, managing the Space Station Propulsion System design, and moving up to Head of the On-Board Propulsion Section – responsible for providing engineering support to eight major Orbiter subsystems along with Space Station and other programs’ support.

    John joined Lockheed Martin in 1995 as Manager, Propulsion Products for the Astrospace Division of Lockheed Martin. For the next three years, John helped to ensure the mission and programmatic success of the large number of system produced at the East Windsor, NJ facility, while transitioning the design and manufacturing of the continuing programs to the SV facility.

    In 1998, John became Vice President, Engineering for a small, woman owned, minority business, where he provided technical assistance to a wide variety of small businesses, major Aerospace contractors and NASA locations in designing and developing spacecraft propulsion systems.

    In 2003, John rejoined with LM, initially as an Acting Manager, Spacecraft Propulsion, and eventually as a LM Fellow, providing support across LM programs to ensure mission success.

    John earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rice University in Houston in 1980.