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    Gregg Peterson Bio

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    Gregg Peterson

    Gregg Peterson 
    Senior Technologist 
    Lotus Engineering 

    Mr. Peterson is a Senior Technology Specialist for Lotus Engineering. His responsibilities include technology transfer to Lotus, including integrating low mass materials into vehicle design and program management. He is part of a team that recently engineered a 37% lighter body structure vs. a baseline CUV with a steel body. This multi-material model met or exceeded the structural performance and crashworthiness of a similar size production steel body based on analysis results. A holistic, total vehicle approach was used to minimize the cost impact of the reduced mass body structure. Participants included ARB, EPA, NHTSA and DOE. He is currently involved in engineering an ultra-lightweight interior for a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) application. Mr. Peterson has over 40 years of OEM and Tier 1 engineering experience including composites technologies, ferrous and non-ferrous body design, chassis design and development, electronic control systems, powertrain, aerodynamics, thermal systems, interiors and electrical machines. He holds nine patents in multi-disciplinary fields. Mr. Peterson has been published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, IMechE, the International Appliance Technical Conference and Purdue University.