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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    International Activities Committee

    International Activities Committee

    The mission of the AIAA International Activities Committee (IAC) is to develop and recommend strategies, policies, and procedures concerning the international activities of the Institute, including international membership, outreach, programs, affiliations, regional activities, organizational relationships, and events.


    For more information about the IAC, please contact:


    Betty Guillie
    Committee Administrator   

    IAC Members (as of 1 May 2015 )

    John   Evans   United States   Vice President, International
    Christian   Mari   France   Director, International
    Shamim   Rahman   United States   Director, International
    Luisella   Giulicchi   Netherlands   Director, Region VII
    Linda   Andruske   United States    
    Joao Luiz   Azevedo   Brazil    
    Kristen   Bloschock   United States    
    Vincent   Boles   United States    
    Claudio   Bruno   United States    
    Matthew   Cannella   United States    
    Sergei   Chernyshev   Russia    
    Fayette   Collier   United States    
    Jean-Michel   Contant    France    
    Ariane   Cornell       United States    
    Ruben   Del Rosario    United States    
    Laura   Delgado   United States    
    Scott   Eberhardt   United States    
    Paul   Eckert   United States    
    Thomas   Fermin   Netherlands    
    James   Fillerup   United States    
    David   Finkleman   United States    
    Song   Fu   China    
    W. Michael   Hawes   United States    
    Ken   Hodgkins   United States    
    Franz-Josef   Kahlen   South Africa    
    Essam   Khalil   Egypt    
    William   Kimmel   United States    
      Kontis   United Kingdom    
    In   Lee   South Korea    
    Mark   Maurice   United States    
    Dimitri   Mavris   United States    
    David   Peake   United States    
    Jurgen   Quest   Germany    
    James   Rendleman   United States    
    Marcia   Smith   United States    
    Mary   Snitch   United States    
    Lynette   Wigbels   United States    
    Douglas   Yazell   United States    
    Susan   Ying   United States    
    James   Zimmerman   United States