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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Aeroelastic Wind Tunnel Testing and Aeroelasticity Considerations for Non-Aeroelastic Tests

    Course Outline

    1. Background on aeroelasticity and wind tunnels
      1. Historical overview of aeroelasticity testing
      2. Review of some experimental test projects
      3. Introduction to aeroelastic wind tunnel testing
      4. Calibrations
      5. Statistical quality control

    2. Aeroelastic wind tunnel testing
      1. The Transonic Dynamics Tunnel
      2. Standard and advanced instrumentation techniques
      3. Dynamic data acquisition
      4. Preliminary aeroelastic model design: model support systems

    3. Model design, fabrication and testing
      1. Aeroelastic model design and fabrication
      2. Flutter and divergence testing
      3. Buffet testing

    4. Wind tunnel testing case studies
      1. Flutter clearance
      2. Buffet and general dynamic response
      3. Active control testing
      4. Unsteady aerodynamic code verification
      5. Special considerations
        1. Smart material applications/testing
        2. Morphing aircraft configurations

    5. Aeroelasticity considerations for non-aeroelastic testing
      1. Review of some model failures
      2. Possible aeroelastic problems typical of wind tunnel models (model technical issues of concern)
      3. Model criteria requirements as foundation of safe model testing

    6. Concluding remarks