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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange

    Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange

    Over the course of three days, CASE will examine the following topics, organized in three tracks. All AVIATION 2013 attendees are welcome to attend.


    Opening Plenary: Framing the Discussion on Complex Systems  


    The opening session, moderated by Dr. Wilson Felder, will set the tone for the remainder of the event. The session will provide the opportunity to hear from key thought leaders in the complexity business as well as from successful complex aerospace systems practitioners. A key challenge for the aerospace community is to develop the theoretical underpinnings for systems engineering and this session will allow for discussion and development of those foundational themes.


    Plenary Speakers:

    Taleb-Nassim-2   Art Thompson

    Nassim N. Taleb
    Best-Selling Author and Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University’s Polytechnic Institute


    Art Thompson
    Technical Project Director, Red Bull Stratos


    Track 1: Complex Systems Development  


    Society is challenged by the need to successfully develop increasingly complex and critical aerospace systems that meet stakeholders’ needs within planned budgets and schedules. This track will focus on large system development activities from the establishment of requirements through the conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design phases, to address challenges faced by chief engineers and systems engineers working to develop Complex Aerospace Systems.


    Speakers include:


    • Gregory Roth, USAF
    • Gary Kamsickas, Boeing
    • Christopher Forgie, Boeing
    • Eelco Scholte, UTC Aerospace Systems
    • Laura McGill, Raytheon
    • Dan DeLaurentis, Purdue University
    • Douglas Stuart, Boeing
    • Kirstie Bellman, Aerospace Corporation
    • Douglas Allaire, MIT
    • David Nichols, JPL
    • Bob Erickson, Raytheon


    Track 2: Integration, Test, and Verification of Complex Systems


    Pressure to conduct affordable development programs requires that the integration of complex systems must be planned to significant detail well in advance of detailed design. This includes strategies to design and mature models, databases, simulations, and test equipment to support program needs that extend from bench testing of prototypes through flight testing on multiple ranges.


    Speakers include:

    • Tim Wissink, Lockheed Martin

    • Katherine Morse

    • Eileen Bjorkman

    • Steve Holt, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    • Jeff Rose, L-3 Communications

    • David Schuster, NASA NESC

    • Tom Wayman, Gulfstream

    Track 3: Program Management to Achieve Robust and Resilient Systems

    Complex aerospace systems require program management strategies and integrated planning tools to coordinate the activities of technical teams from multiple organizations that are physically separated but closely networked to work collaboratively and share common databases. Programs to develop and support commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, energy systems, and UAVs are each subject to unique policy and regulatory issues. Managing the technical and direct support aspects in the development and operation of complex aerospace systems will be the focus of this track. Other dimensions of managing complex systems in Track 3 will include the management and integration of business operations, logistics issues, and workforce infrastructure.


    Speakers include:

    • David Fuller, Mission and Systems Operations, NASA Glenn Research Center
    • Leo Ahearn, Program Manager, Boeing Phantom Works
    • James Johnson, Cost Analysis Division, NASA Headquarters
    • Patricia Hartman, Project Lead, Lockheed Martin Corporation
    • Lt. Gen. George Muellner, USAF (retired)
    • Gerry Jeffs, Director, Implementations, APL Logistics
    • Craig Giffi, Deloitte LLP
    • Ali Abbas, University of Illinois
    • Bob Broeder, The Boeing Company
    • Jeff Loren, Dynamics Research Corporation