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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Additional CVD Information

    Additional CVD Information

    Guidance for CVD Participants

    AIAA is committed to appropriately informing and educating Congress and the Administration on the importance to this Nation of the aerospace engineering profession and its role in this vital sector. It is critical that in performing this valuable and sought after service, that the information presented is compatible with the diverse interests of our membership and consistent with Institute policy. Therefore, the Board of Directors has delegated the oversight of technical accuracy to the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) and the oversight of consistency with Institute policy to the Public Policy Committee (PPC).

    To assure that these objectives are met, the following guidelines will be published in conjunction with all activities during the week of CVD. Members registering for CVD will be required to indicate that they have read the guidelines and will abide by them.

    • All meetings during the two days of CVD (Tuesday and Wednesday) must focus on the Board-approved key issues. Other materials that relate to the key issues may be used as anecdotal or supporting information but must meet the guidelines below.
    • Local constituent/state team appointments will take precedent during CVD. All appointments must be coordinated with state team captains or PPC staff.
    • Technical Committees (TCs) and/or Program Committees (PCs) are encouraged to participate in state team meetings during CVD and to schedule meetings on topics not covered by the key issues on the days following CVD (Thursday or Friday). These meetings must be coordinated with PPC staff. All materials must adhere to the requirement below.
    • All materials (with the exception of the Board-approved Key Issues) presented to Congress or the Administration on behalf of AIAA during the week of CVD must be approved in advance by the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) and the Public Policy Committee (PPC). These materials must be submitted to PPC staff no later than 15 February.

    Failure to abide by these guidelines may be viewed as a violation of the AIAA Code of Ethics, A Guideline for Professional Conduct and/or the AIAA Volunteer Leadership Code of Ethics in which the Institute’s best interests are defined by the Board of Directors and, as delegated, the TAC and the PPC. These violations may be referred to the Ethical Conduct Panel as appropriate depending on the severity and the potential impact of the incident.

    Registration for 2013 Now Open

    The Public Policy Committee has set the date for the 16th Annual AIAA Congressional Visits Day. This year’s event will be held 19–20 March 2013. Pre CVD briefings will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, in downtown Washington, DC, and visits and the AIAA Congressional Reception will take place on Capitol Hill.

    We believe that this year, attendance at CVD is more important than ever. This will be our first chances to educate Congress on the value of aerospace after to the 2012 elections! Only your participation, enthusiasm, and passion remind our lawmakers that aerospace is a key component of an economically strong and secure nation. If you are interested in the future of your profession, the advancement of technology, the furthering of scientific research, and the strengthening of our nation’s security, this event is for you!

    Your representatives only hear your voice if you actively engage them. Since public policy and engaging representatives can be daunting, let AIAA’s experienced public policy staff make it a bit easier for you. Attending CVD will give you all the tools you need to engage your representative on issues of vital importance to the Institute, yourself, and your industry.

    Registration for this year’s Congressional Visits Days will open soon. Please visit our registration page at to be a part of this grassroots event, and have your voice heard on Capitol Hill. If you have any questions about CVD, or are looking for materials for this year’s event, please contact Duane Hyland at 703.264.7558 or

    There are opportunities for members to become team captains and help coordinate visits with their state delegation. If you are interested in becoming a team captain, or in assisting an existing team captain for your state, please contact Duane Hyland at 703.264.7558 or

    Make a difference for Aerospace! Attend CVD 2013!

    AIAA CVD Key Issues Teleconferences

    If you are attending next year's Congressional Visits Day program, or you want to learn more about AIAA's key issues for Congress, AIAA is pleased to offer you a series of webinars which will bring you up to speed on all the issues. Webinar schedules will be posted in coming weeks. Please check back periodically, or email Duane Hyland for more details.