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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    A Message from the General Chair


    A Message from the General Chair

    James Vasatka
    Chief Engineer of Aviation Security
    Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    Aviation is an essential component of the global economy and security. The foundations of aviation’s success are built on the technological innovations that have provided an unprecedented level of capability, capacity and efficiency. Growth in aviation will continue to provide the commercial, civil and military sectors with increasing benefits.


    AVIATION 2013 is a premier, forward-looking forum designed to review the many achievements in aviation, highlight new initiatives and plans, while surfacing key issues and concerns that need to be addressed in order to define clear roadmaps for future progress. This event will be attended by leaders from all elements of the aviation community and will provide an opportunity to focus on critical issues for the next decade of aviation development. Be a part of this most important conference. Help define a shared vision for the future that will continue to transform our economy, security and way life.  


    • What are the trends for commercial, military, business, general and rotorcraft aviation?
    • What are the economic and investment considerations for the future?
    • What major speed bumps create challenges for aviation (operations, capacity, capability, efficiency, security, resource availability and environment)?
    • How will this drive technology development and implementation?
    • What are the key emerging technologies?
    • What policy and regulatory issues may constrain aviation’s development?
    • What are the effect of globalization?


    These issues as well as many others will be addressed and discussed in detail at Aviation 2013. This conference is designed to provide the leaders from government, industry and academia an opportunity to acknowledge the progress over the past decade, and share ideas on how to focus the great talent and resources of the aviation community on the future. Invited speakers and panelists will provide a unique perspective on key issues, setting the stage for continuing discussion throughout the program. This conference complements other more specialized meetings by offering the broad perspective on the global aviation system, making this meeting the “must attend” conference for 2013.

    Program Outline/Agenda  

    The conference program is built around seven general sessions. Each of these sessions is designed as a forum for senior industry leaders to address issues and concerns that must be resolved in order to define clear roadmaps for future progress. A short description of the objectives of each of these sessions is also provided on this site.


    • Commercial Aviation: Global Outlook, Opportunities and Challenges
    • Military Aviation: Future/Challenges Facing Military Aviation
    • Business Aviation, General Aviation and Rotorcraft: Global Outlook Opportunities and Challenges
    • The Connectivity Challenge: Protecting critical assets in a networked world
    • The Energy Imperative
    • Developing the Market for UAS
    • Shaping the Discussion: Key Policy Issues


    Another key element of this conference is the technical program, which is divided into three focus areas. Detailed descriptions for each technical area is provided on this site as well under the technical program section of this site.



    I hope that you'll join us 12-14 August 2013 in Los Angeles, California!