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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Keynote Addresses

    Keynote Addresses

    Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials (SDM) Conference Opening Keynote

    Title: "Beyond the 787: Developing the Future of Structures and Materials that Shape Aerospace"
    John J. Tracy, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Engineering, Operations, and Technology, The Boeing Company, Chicago, IL

    Non-Deterministic Approaches (NDA) Keynote

    Title: "Assuring Aero-Structural Reliability in an Uncertain World"
    Ravi Chona, USAF Senior Scientist and Director, Structural Sciences Center, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
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    Adaptive Structures Conference (ASC) Keynote

    Title: "Game Changing Activities in the Area of Lightweight Materials and Structures"
    Stephen W. Gaddis, Program Manager, Org A3 Game Changing Development Program Office, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

    ASME Keynote

    Title: “Magnetostrictive Alloys: The Other Smart Material”
    Alison Flatau, Associate Dean for Research, Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

    Dynamic Specialist Conference (DSC) Keynote

    Title: "Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Structural Dynamics: State of the Art and Challenges for the Future"
    Alvar M. Kabe, Associate Principal Director, Structural Mechanics Subdivision, The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA

    AIAA Awards Luncheon

    Title: "Models in the Material World: The Asymptote is Near"
    David Furrer, Senior Fellow Discipline Lead, Pratt & Whitney, East Hartford, CT

    Gossamer Systems Forum (GSF) Keynote

    Title: "SPS-ALPHA: A Practical New Approach to the Vision of the Solar Power Satellite"
    John Mankins, CEO, Artemis Innovations, Santa Maria, CA


    Multidisplicinary Design Optimization (MDO) Keynote

    Title: "The Role of MDO in the Design for Complex Engineered Systems"
    Christina Bloebaum, Dennis and Rebecca Muilenburg Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State