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Mars Rover Celebration

Mars Rover Celebration

The journey begins with students researching Mars and choosing a question that interests THEM...

Mars Rover 2011 from TLC2 on Vimeo.

Target grades: 3rd–8th
Curriculum Duration: 6 weeks

Capture the excitement of Curiosity, the new Mars rover, in your classroom. Learn how to engage your students with a new 15 lesson plan Mars science curriculum. The Mars Rover curriculum uses a set of standards-aligned, inquiry based 5E lesson plans. Each lesson investigates an essential question and uses a science notebook approach to evaluation, contains a strong reading/language arts component and includes hyperlinks to the latest NASA results from Mars. Students research Mars and pick their own research question to investigate. They will use simple objects to build a model Rover designed to address their question. Students must create project teams, log books of their project design and research, and  develop an interactive presentation of their work.

  • Attend the workshop
  • Teach the curriculum in your classroom
  • Be a part of a local competition

Engineering Design Process

State the Problem   •   Generate Ideas   •   Select a Solution

Build the Item   •   Evaluate and Test   •   Refine   •   Present Results