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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Hold a Capstone Event

    Space Weather Balloon

    AIAA Educator Academy Capstone Events

    What student doesn't get excited to compete against other students for the best solution to a problem? The AIAA Educator Academy allows students to design, create and incorporate ideas into their solution.  There is no one right answer – there is only the best solution that results from considering various perspectives of a problem.

    The Educator Academy Capstone Event provides incentive and recognition to promote the use of the curriculum. Capstone Events also help to assess adoption and impact rates and are by far the most effective tool for providing incentive for teachers and school districts to adopt our curricula on a long-term basis.

    Hosting an AIAA Educator Academy teacher workshop is the first step to developing a local competition to meet the local needs of the teachers and students. The key is local engagement and sustainability as the Capstone Event is developed by local organizers.

    AIAA has charted the course for you to begin – download the Capstone Event Planning documents now and begin the conversations with local schools and businesses that can support this grassroots competition.

    Download Space Weather Balloon Event Timeline
    Download Capstone Event Planning Timeline

    Engineering Design Process

    State the Problem   •   Generate Ideas   •   Select a Solution

    Build the Item   •   Evaluate and Test   •   Refine   •   Present Results