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Space Weather Balloon

Space Weather Balloon

Target grades: 9th-12th
Curiculum Duration: 8-12 weeks

At present, active balloon research is being conducted in the areas of cosmic ray physics; astronomy in a variety of bands including microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X rays, and gamma rays; atmospheric sciences including sprites research; magnetospheric and auroral physics; and micrometeor studies.

The range of experiments that can be considered for inclusion in a Space Weather Balloon payload is limited only by the imagination of the students. The small size of a weather balloon payload does impose some limitations. We will mention some of the possibilities in this overview and provide greater detail on some of them in the lesson plans.

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Engineering Design Process

State the Problem   •   Generate Ideas   •   Select a Solution

Build the Item   •   Evaluate and Test   •   Refine   •   Present Results