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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Course Outline

    Day 1: Basics of Satellite Communications and Communication Satellites

    • Introduction and brief History

    • Why Communication Satellites?
      • Information repeaters
      • Revenue earners

    • Communications Links and Link Budgets

    • Types of Satellite Services
      • Fixed, Mobile, Broadcast and Data Relay

    • Transmission Basics
      • Modulation
      • Coding concepts
      • Electromagnetic Spectrum and spectrum control

    • Multiple Access Techniques

    • Compression

    • Antenna Principles
      • Types of antennas
      • Antenna patterns, footprints and interference

    • Key Payload Components
      • LNAs, frequency converters, diplexers and multiplexers, high power amplifiers

    Day Two: Satellite Communications: Advanced Networks & Technology, Future Trends, and Defense Systems

    • Introduction and Theme Setting

    • On-Board Processing and Encoding

    • Spectrum and Frequency Coordination Issues
      • Use for Commercial and Military Systems and current problems and issues

    • Precipitation Attenuation and Strategies for Mitigation

    • Satellite Multi-beam Antenna Systems
      • Advances in Phased-Array Feed Systems, Hopping Beams, Differing strategies for Geo, Meo and Leo Systems, etc.

    • Review of FSS, MSS, BSS, B2B system trends for Commercial Systems
      • This will include new MSS-ATC systems and multi-purpose busses

    • Review of Military Satellite system deployment
      • Review of strategies and capabilities in the U.S. and around the world

    • New developments in ground systems.
      • ASIC capabilities, dual and triple mode systems, commercial vs. military systems, distributing services to the edge, multi-purpose systems that combine IT, Communications, navigation and position awareness, MSS-ATC

    • Shared platforms, rapid deployment, and new options. (XTAR and beyond)

    • IP-based standards and other satcom standards and issues. (Coping with IP Sec within VPNs, RFC vs. ITU recommendations, ISO 15045 and other interfacing strategies, DBS-RCS, DOCSIS, and more.)

    • New development in Launch Systems
      • On-orbit servicing, Private space stations, US Space Policy

    • Key Issues of Relevance
      • Orbital Debris, Sustainability of Space, Space Situational Awareness, Militarization of Space, IDA, etc.