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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Commercial Aviation Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion

    Commercial Aviation: Global Outlook, Opportunities, and Challenges

     Took place 12 August, 1500-1700 hrs


    Paul Steele Whitaker  
    Patrick Shanahan
    Senior Vice President
    and General Manager, Airplane Programs, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    Paul Steele
    Corporate Secretary and Senior Vice-President, Member & External Relations, International Air Transport Association and Executive Director, Air Transport Action Group
    Michael G. Whitaker
    Deputy Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
    Jaiwon Shin
    Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA  
    Graham Warwick
    Senior Editor, Aviation, Aviation Week and Space Technology  


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    For a century, commercial aviation has improved capability, safety, security, and efficiency through the continued advancement of technology. Commercial aviation faces new challenges as it enters its second century. This moderator-led discussion of the global outlook, opportunities, and challenges for commercial aviation included perspectives from each individual panel member’s unique areas of responsibility and experience.  The panelists focus on important questions affecting global aviation, including:


    • What are the market trends?
    • What are the key economic and investment considerations for the future?
    • What challenges face commercial aviation operations, capacity, capability, efficiency, security, resource availability, and environmental stewardship?
    • How will these challenges drive technology development and implementation?
    • What emerging technologies can improve capacity, capability, efficiency, security, and environmental issues?
    • What policy issues may constrain the market?
    • What effects will globalization have?