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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Technical and Panels Sessions

    Technical and Panel Sessions

    The AIAA SPACE 2013 program is enriched by panel sessions, technical paper sessions, and e-poster sessions that provide open discussion with experts on current programs, future plans, innovations, and lessons learned.

    Panels Sessions

    Tuesday, 10 September 2013
    1000 hrs
    Current Launch Vehicle Update (more info)
    Enabling In-Space Infrastructure (more info)
    Mars Exploration Program: Exploration and Discovery (more info)


    1530 hrs
    Engineering Global Space Leadership with STEM (more info)
    Human Spaceflight Progress Report (more info)
    NASA Space Science: The Next 30 Years (more info)

    Wednesday, 11 September 2013
    1000 hrs
    Commercial Space Operations and Services as Stepping-Stone Enablers for Space Exploration (more info)
    Designing with Operations in Mind (more info)
    The Rise of CubeSats and Small Satellites: Missions and Opportunities (more info)


    1430 hrs
    Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Status (more info)
    Hosted and Rideshare Payloads for Reducing the Cost of Access to Space (more info)
    Stimulating Innovations: Societal Imperatives and Commercial Opportunities (more info)

    Thursday, 12 September 2013
    1000 hrs

    Space Debris and Space Operations: The Next 30 Years (more info)

    Space Technology Development at NASA: Today and the Future (more info)

    1530 hrs
    Bringing Space Technology to Market: Effects of U.S. Policies and Practices (more info)
    Earth Science Satellite Missions and Opportunities (more info)


    Technical Paper Sessions

    Nowhere else will you find the depth of technical content, research and development, and emerging technologies in the space industry than at AIAA SPACE 2013. 



               Advanced In-Space Transportation Systems for Exploration
    Advanced Space Transportation Technologies
    Advances in Concurrent Engineering
    Advances in Cost Analysis
    Asteroid Mining and Colonization
    Asteroid, Moon, or Mars ISRU Equipment
    Commercial Space Science
    Commercializing Space Exploration
    Coordinating Scientific and Human Exploration of Mars
    DARPA Phoenix Program: Latest News
    Deep Space Habitation
    Habitat Support Systems
    How Space Resources Enable Space Exploration
    Human and Robotic Mission Operations
    Human Exploration of Cis-Lunar Space
    Innovative Reusable Launch Vehicle Concept Design
    Intelligent Systems for Space: Practical Applications
    Intelligent Systems for Space: Technical Developments
    Issues in Space Economics Policy
    Key Technical Aspects of Reusable Launch Vehicles
    Launch Systems
    Law and Policy Foundations to System Success
    Life Support for Deep Space
    Logistics and Supportability for Exploration
    Logistics Modeling
    Mission Architectures 
    Modular Design and Surface Construction
    Nanosat and Small Sat Missions
    Nanosat and Small Sat Technology
    Optimizing Mission Design
    Orbital Satellite Extended Missions and Life Cycle
    Orbital Space Vehicle Missions
    Processing Space Resources
    Project Morpheus and Autonomous Precision Landing
    Risk Management
    Space Colonization
    Space History
    Space Operations Best Practices
    Space Operations Ground Systems Architectures
    Space Operations Modeling and Simulation
    Space Resources Surface Operations
    Space Robotics Inspection and Servicing
    Space System Architectures and Development
    Space System Development and Societal Impact
    Space Systems Missions
    Space Systems Sensors
    Space Systems Technology
    Space Tether Missions and Technologies
    Space Transportation Architectures
    Space Transportation Design Methods
    Specialized Systems Engineering
    Suborbital Space Vehicle Missions
    Topics in Space Economics
    Using Regolith for Construction 

    NEW! E-Poster Sessions 

    AIAA has partnered with ePosterBoards LLC to bring new electronic poster sessions to this year’s event! Highlighting high-quality technical information, the e-poster sessions will be held during the networking coffee breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday in the exposition hall. All e-poster final manuscripts will be included in the online conference proceedings. The e-poster session schedule is as follows:

    E-Poster Session I


    Tuesday, 10 September 2013

    0930–1000 hrs 

    E-Poster Session II 


    Tuesday, 10 September 2013

    1500–1530 hrs 

    E-Poster Session III


    Wednesday, 11 September 2013

    0930–1000 hrs 

    E-Poster Session IV 

      Wednesday, 11 September 2013

    1400–1430 hrs