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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Business, General Aviation, and Rotorcraft Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion

    Business, General Aviation, and Rotorcraft: Global Outlook, Opportunities, and Challenges

    Took place 14 August, 0930–1200 hrs


    Pete Bunce
    President and CEO, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (Moderator)  
    Pres Henne
    Senior Vice President, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream  
    Mike Hirschberg
    Executive Director, AHS International  
    John S. Langford
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation  
    Jack Pelton
    Chairman of the Board, Experimental Aircraft Association  


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    Business aviation, general aviation, and rotorcraft markets continue to push technology advancements to improve capability and efficiency. The topics covered during this panel discussion include:

    • What market trends will drive technology development and implementation in these areas?
    • What major challenges – including operations, capacity, capability, efficiency, security, and environmental issues – face aviation in these sectors?
    • What policy issues may constrain the market?
    • What technologies can improve capacity, capability, efficiency, security, and environmental issues?
    • What economic and investment constraints exist?