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    AIAA AVIATION Cybersecurity

    AIAA Sets Out "A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity"


    AIAA officially released its decision paper " A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity" on 13 August as part of the AIAA AVIATION 2013 conference, which took place 11-13 August at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, in Los Angeles. "A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity" outlines the existing and evolving cyber threat to the world’s $2.2 trillion commercial aviation enterprise, and notes the lack of international agreement on cybersecurity as it relates to aviation. AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh said, “It is my hope that the world’s aviation community implements the framework proposed in this paper, to better safeguard and ensure the future of aviation. Only a vigilant, unified, and coordinated approach will allow us to craft the best possible defenses against the sophisticated and ever-evolving range of threats we face.”


    AIAA's “A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity” >  


    Cybersecurity in Civil and Commercial Aviation

    Took place 13 August, 1130-1300 hrs


    Richard A. Clarke
    Chairman and CEO, Good Harbor Risk Management, LLC


    Richard A. Clarke, chairman and chief executive officer, Good Harbor Risk Management, LLC, delivered a well received keynote address, focused on cybersecurity in civil and commercial aviation, on Tuesday, 13 August. Clarke, the former U.S. national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection, and counterterrorism, and the author of the New York Times bestseller "Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security and What To Do About It, discussed the potential devastating losses to commercial aviation and society at large if cyber threats to aviation systems are not properly addressed. Clarke also offered solutions to some of the more immediate threats facing the aviation enterprise, allowing IT and other professionals to wage more effective and precise anti-threat campaigns.


    The Ten Commandments of Cybersecurity According to Richard A. Clarke

    • Do not be in denial. Do not think the risk is not significant. Do not trust that you are “OK”
    • Don’t underestimate the extent of the problem.
    • Do not fight the government, they can help you!
    • It is not a CEO problem, it is a whole company problem.
    • Organize. Set up teams who can work and doe this, do R&D, share information.
    • Think holistically, don’t think about your part – think as a whole.
    • Don’t attempt to defend the whole network, it is too late to build moats when the enemy is already in the castle.
    • Discover what your company’s real Crown Jewels are, and guard them.
    • Think: “What is the worst case?” “What would it look like?”
    • Have an industry strategy.


    Watch the Video of Richard Clarke's Keynote Address Here


    Or, watch it on AIAA's YouTube channel and leave a comment.




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