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    The Inside View: An Interview with Dan Geer

    The Inside View: An Interview with Dan Geer


    13 August, 0930–1030 hrs



    Daniel E. Geer Jr.
    Chief Information Security Officer, In-Q-Tel  


    This interview with Dan Geer, Chief Information Security Officer for In-Q-Tel, (Moderated by Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky) will discuss the types of threats that exist for the cyber landscape, the realities of responding to those threats, and what must be done to further create an adaptive and resilient cyber infrastructure that is capable of neutralizing threats.   


    An entrepreneur, author, scientist, consultant, teacher, and architect, Dr. Daniel Geer is Chief Information Security Officer at In-Q-Tel and serves as Chief Scientist Emeritus at Verdasys. Previously, Dr. Geer served as CTO of @stake and ran the development arm of MIT's Project Athena,where his staff pioneered Kerberos, the X Window System, and much of what we take for granted in distributed computing. He has co-authored several books on risk management and information security and is past president of the USENIX Association. 


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