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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Continuing Education and Workshops

    Courses and Workshops

    Stay at the top of your game with AIAA's continuing education offerings. You will leave with invaluable improvements and solutions that you can put to immediate use. Course registration includes full conference participation.


    3rd AIAA Workshop on Benchmark Problems for Airframe Noise Computations (BANC-III)
    14–15 June 2014
    The major emphasis of this workshop will be coordinated computational, modeling, and measurement efforts based on collaborative definition of a hierarchical set of benchmark configurations representing major sources of airframe noise; joint development of datasets that would eventually achieve benchmark quality. Click here for more information.


    Business Management for Engineers
    14–15 June 2014
    This course is intended to provide an overview of basic business principles used to manage a company.  In particular, this course will help individuals with a strong technical background in science or engineering prepare for the transition from a role as a technical contributor to a business leader.


    Optimal Design in Multidisciplinary Systems
    14–15 June 2014
    Design engineers and technical managers involved with preliminary or detailed design of aerospace, mechanical, and other multidisciplinary engineering systems will find this material applicable in their work environment. Advanced research students and research scholars in academia and in research laboratories will also benefit from the topics covered in this course. They would use this material as an entry point into possible areas of further research.