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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    CASE Program - Day One

    CASE Program – Day One

    12 August, 1500-1700 hrs 

    Brainstorming Primer

    Session Chairs:
    • Mat French (Rolls-Royce)
    • Jimmie McEver (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

    This session will provide a primer and opportunity for kickoff discussion among CASE participants on selected attributes of complexity. Potential approaches for dealing with complexity will be covered at a summary level in both panel and small group discussions. Details for the approaches or further discussion of the attributes can be found in select track/session block discussions. To further set the stage for CASE, Executive Chair Wilson Felder has drafted a paper to help frame the discussion on complex systems.

    The primer serves as a mechanism to engage with other CASE participants and share resident knowledge and experiences about complexity and its challenges and opportunities. It will provide participants with the chance to discuss ideas and cross-cutting themes that they will be able to follow up on in more detail throughout the CASE event.

    The schedule for this session is as follows:
    • 1500–1530 hrs: Jimmie McEver will provide an introduction for the session and explain the overall format in more detail. His remarks will include a description of “A Complexity Primer for Systems Engineers" being developed by the INCOSE Complex Systems Working Group. Mat French will explore a few aerospace challenges being discussed by the AIAA Aerospace Systems Integration Working Group as part of the development of the Aerospace Systems Integration Guide (AIAA G-135).
    • 1530–1630 hrs: Breakout discussion. The participants in the session will split into small (8 person) facilitated discussion groups to review questions dealing with attributes of complexity such as emergence and interactions. 
    • 1630–1700 hrs: Reporting of the primary findings from the breakout discussions. The facilitators will lead the discussion, but comments and questions are welcome from all as we discuss further the attributes of complexity.