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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    The Connectivity and Cyber Security Challenge

    Panel Discussion

    The Connectivity and Cybersecurity Challenge

    Took place 13 August, 1330-1530 hrs


    Sinnettnew Andres

    Paul Kurtz
    Chief Strategy Officer, CyberPoint International

    Michael K. Sinnett
    787 Vice President
    & Chief Project
    Engineer, Sr.
    Systems Engineer
    for Airplane Systems, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    Dominic Nessi
    Deputy Executive Director/Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

    Larry Castro
    Managing Director, Chertoff Group, LLC

    Peter Andres
    Vice President Corporate Security, Deutsche Lufthansa AG


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    Part II


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    The evolution of internet has provided significant opportunities to improve efficiency and create new products and services. The internet has become critical infrastructure for the global aviation community. While the potential for the domain is not yet fully understood and holds great promise, it also may empower those who would disrupt the aviation industry. 


    • As connectivity of aviation services continues to increase, the opportunity for vulnerabilities is created. What are the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the cyber domain.
    • What are the market needs/mission requirements?
    • What cyber domain policy should aviation? 
    • Constraints
    • What are the threats, the issues & the next steps for Cyber Security?