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    We are pleased to announce the following awards to be presented at the California Science Center during SpaceOps 2014:

    International SpaceOps Exceptional Achievement Medal  

      Manfred Warhaut Manfred Warhaut
    (ESA Retired)

    For always emphasizing the importance of operations in a project, ensuring that operations get the appropriate appreciation, and being a strong supporter of cross-support between space agencies. 

    International SpaceOps Award for Outstanding Achievement

      TerrSAR logo1 The TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Mission Operations Team TanDEM Logo
    Alessandro Codazzi, Jaap Herman, Harald Hofmann, Ralph Kahle, 
    Wilfried Druse, Edith Maurer, Falk Mrowka, Heinz Wacker, 
    Steffen Zimmermann

     For their outstanding and unique achievements during more than four years of operations.  

    International SpaceOps Distinguished Service Medal

     Genevieve Champan (CNES)   Genevieve Campan (CNES) 

    In appreciation for involvement in the SpaceOps Organization and many valuable contributions to its activities in various functions for more than ten years. 


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