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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    ITAR Technical Paper Submissions

    AIAA proudly announces new ITAR sessions for the AVIATION 2014 Conference.

    Carefully review the AIAA ITAR Abstract Submission Process below. Additionally AIAA has provided additional ITAR related documentation:


    ITAR Abstract Submission Process

    • All abstracts must be unrestricted cleared for public release and submitted through the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site by the Abstract Submission deadline.
    • Go to AVIATION abstract submission page.
    • Complete all 6 submission steps. Select "ITAR Presentation" at step 2 Presentations Type/Category.
    • Set presentation type to ITAR Paper 
    • When entering your title a step 1, add "consider for ITAR session" to the end.

    ITAR Abstract Review and Acceptance

    • Abstract reviews will be performed following standard conference guidelines
    • ITAR sessions will be formed following the standard conference guidelines
    • AIAA will send a separate acceptance letter to those who have been accepted into ITAR Restricted Presentation Slots, with details of registration, presentation and manuscript submission procedures
    • AIAA will send a separate acceptance letter to session chairs for ITAR restricted sessions 

    ITAR Manuscript Submission Process
    It is not for AIAA to decide whether a paper is subject to the ITAR or not. Authors and/or institutions submitting papers to AIAA must submit a signed form clearly stating whether their paper is subject to the ITAR. AIAA will abide by the author’s signed declaration.

    • AIAA will send out acceptance letters with specific instructions on how to submit ITAR restricted manuscripts
    • The deadline for receipt of ITAR restricted manuscripts will be approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the conference, it will not follow the same due dates as standard technical papers
    • Author must submit a CD or DVD containing their manuscript in one of the following ways by the requested deadline date (approximately 3 weeks prior to conference). (1) Hand delivered to Compliance Manager at AIAA Headquarters, Reston, VA (2) Send to AIAA via overnight delivery service, signature required. Addressed to (Compliance Manager)
    • Author must submit original, signed copy of copyright/release form to AIAA Compliance Manager with their Manuscript. Manuscripts which do not have the copyright/release forms will not be permitted to present or included on the DVD 
    • AIAA confirms receipt of manuscript to author
    • All abstracts without manuscripts submitted by the deadline date will be withdrawn from the program and not be allowed to be presented at the conference
    • DO NOT ever email anyone your manuscript or any other restricted materials
    • Authors must confirm they will meet all ITAR registration requirements, and that they will be registering in order to present their paper.

    Access to ITAR Sessions:
    Presenting a Paper, Chairing a Session, or Attending ITAR Restricted Presentation
    Admittance to the restricted Technical Papers is controlled by U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). All paper attendees, presenters and session chairs MUST abide by the procedures and submittal of verification documents mandated by the DOD in order to attend, present or chair ITAR restricted sessions. No Exceptions!

    Click here to view All credentials needed:

    1. You must show proof of citizenship (most overlooked item) NO copies of passport accepted and Government ID is NOT sufficient proof for citizenship.
    2. Present personal photo identification.
    3. You must be a Federal Government Employee or you must be covered under a company or individual DD2345 certification.

    Availability of ITAR Papers:
    A DVD containing the manuscripts from the ITAR sessions will be available for purchase on-site in Atlanta to those who are registered to attend the ITAR Sessions. There will be no sale of these papers after the event.