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    Space Exploration for Inspiration and Profit - SPACE 2013 Video

    SPACE 2013 Video

    Space Exploration for Inspiration and Profit


    The “Space Exploration for Inspiration and Profit” panel discussion was moderated by Bruce Pittman, Director of Flight Projects and Chief System Engineer, NASA Space Portal, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. The panel addressed the ongoing debate within the scientific community, and within and among agencies, of where to go next in space. Since the private sector has essentially said “we’re going” both for inspiration and for profit the following questions were tackled during this discussion: How do we merge these approaches? Where are the synergies? How can one enable the other? How can government agencies work together with the private sector to achieve goals? And, how can technologies derived be leveraged for future efforts? Panelists included Dan Dumbacher, Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC; Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer, Planetary Resources, Inc., Seattle, WA; and Robert (Bob) Richards, Co-Founder and CEO, Moon Express Inc., Moffett Field, CA.