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    Designing with Operations in Mind: Perspective of Former Astronauts - SPACE 2013 Video

    SPACE 2013 Video

    Designing with Operations in Mind: Perspective of Former Astronauts


    The panel discussion “Designing with Operation in Mind: Perspective of Former Astronauts” brought together operators and designers to discuss past operational and integration challenges that have the potential to inform future design efforts, with a focus on lessons learned from operation of the International Space Station. The panel was moderated by John P. Shannon, Program Manager, International Space Station, Boeing Space Exploration, The Boeing Company, Houston, TX. Panelists included Frank Culbertson, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dulles, VA; Michael Lopez-Alegria, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation; Sandra H. Magnus, Executive Director, AIAA; and Garrett Reisman, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). Magnus summed up the primary objective of this panel when she said, “We need to have a better way of taking the things we learn as operators directly to the engineers so they can learn from our experiences what works and what doesn’t work.”