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    Aligning Technology Roadmaps to Support Space Goals - SPACE 2013 Video

    SPACE 2013 Video

    Aligning Technology Roadmaps to Support Space Goals



    The panel discussion, “Aligning Technology Roadmaps to Support Space Goals,” was moderated by Carissa Christensen, Managing Partner, The Tauri Group, Alexandria, VA. This panel brought together space community stakeholders for a discussion around technology roadmaps and how various initiatives across government and industry can align to support science, exploration, and defense goals. Emerging technologies that could impact the way we approach the development and exploration of space were also part of the conversation. Panelists included Michael Gazarik, Associate Administrator, Space Technology, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC; Maj Gen Neil McCasland, USAF, Past Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM; Pamela Melroy, Deputy Director, Tactical Technology Office, DARPA, Arlington, VA; and Kenneth Washington, Vice President, Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Denver, CO.