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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    CASE Status Report Panel Discussion

    Analysis and Perspectives from the Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE) 2013

    Anna-Maria-Rivas-McGowan   Sophia Bright   Arrington   LJMcGill   D_Dress
    Anna-Maria McGowan
    NASA Langley Research Center  
      Sophia Bright
    Executive Assistant - GS&S Engineering, The Boeing Company
      Allen Arrington
    Engineering Manager, Sierra Lobo, Inc.
      Laura J. McGill
    Engineering Deputy, Raytheon Company
      David Dress
    Deputy, Space Technology Projects Office, NASA Langley Research Center


    The results from the Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange that was held at the AVIATION 2013 Forum will be summarized and discussed. The lessons and wisdom imparted by the Exchange participants will be summarized by the CASE track chairs in the track areas of complex systems development, integration, test and V&V, and program management. Plans for future exchanges will also be introduced.



    Characteristics of the Design and Development of Complex Aerospace Systems

    Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan and Peter Parker


    Leadership in Pursuit of Systems Thinking for Individuals and Organizations

    Kurt Detweiler and David Dress


    The Future May Not Be Where We Are Looking Today

    Kennie Jones and William Kimmel


    Insights from the CASE 2013 Conference Organizers

    Moderator: Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan

    Panelists: Allen Arrington, David Dress, Sophia Bright, Laura McGill