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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Cybersecurity in Space Systems Panel Session

    Cybersecurity in Space Systems Panel Session


    Sam Adhikari, VP, Operations and Research at Sysoft Corporation, and Chair of the AIAA Cybersecurity Working Group

    Col. Scott Lathrop, Deputy Director, Advanced Capabilities Directorate, U.S. Cyber Command;

    Norm Moulton, Director, J9, Advanced Concepts and Technologies, U.S. Cyber Command;

    Mark Maybury, Chief Technology Officer, Mitre Corp., Former Chief Scientist and Author of Air Force Cyber Vision 2025;

    Richard M. (Dickie) George, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity at JHU/APL.


    The panel session will be immediately followed by an open meeting of the AIAA Cyber Security Working Group.