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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    2012–13 AIAA Section Winners

    Communications - First Place

    The Communication Award recognizes sections that develop and implement an outstanding communications outreach program. Winning criteria include level of complexity, timeliness, and variety of methods of communications, as well as frequency, format, and content of the communications outreach. The winners are:

    PhotoNotAvailableVery Small (tie): Sydney, Michael West, section chair. The
    AIAA Sydney section is awarded the first place Communications
    honor based on their frequent communications with their members
    through the use of a designated email address, Facebook,
    posting notices on bulletin boards at universities and distributing
    posters and emails advertising upcoming events within their
    employer’s internal networks.

    RosenbergDelaware, M. David Rosenberg, newsletter editor.
    The AIAA Delaware Section is awarded the first place
    Communications honor based on using modified newsletter format
    (clickable links to AIAA homepage, Quick Response Code
    to section pages) and for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,
    newspapers and corporate member sites to solidify communication
    to STEM K–12 sector, congressional offices, and area professionals.

    PhotoNotAvailableSmall: Utah, Jeffrey Boulware, chair and Spencer Brown,
    communications officer.
    The AIAA Utah Section is awarded
    the first place Communications honor based on their proactive
    use of SharePoint and Facebook to promote the AIAA message
    and the local chapter highlights including section awards and
    useful links for their membership.

    Mike_WethingtonMedium: Tucson, Mike Wethington, webmaster and STEM
    K–12 officer.
    The AIAA Tucson section is awarded the first
    place Communication honor based on their outstanding consistency
    in delivering email newsletters and the conviction to
    call individuals that require special attention, along with their
    introduction of postings on several social media outlets such as
    Twitter, Facebook, and e-news.

    Edmond_WongLarge: Northern Ohio, Edmond Wong, communications
    The AIAA Northern Ohio Section is awarded the first
    place Communication honor based on the effective communication
    of Section events and activities, the development of new
    professional-quality Section communications and promotional
    materials, and the implementation of a commercial server for
    distributing Section email communications.

    JohnLin_PhotoVery Large: Hampton Roads, John Lin, newsletter editor.
    The AIAA Hampton Roads Section is awarded the first place
    Communications honor based on timely, frequent, and comprehensive
    communications with their membership through a highquality
    newsletter, up-to-date, and effective use of electronic messaging
    and social media, and strategic inclusion of commercial

    Communications - Second Place

    Small: Savannah, Johnna Bussell, communications officer
    Medium: Long Island, David Paris, section chair and newsletter editor
    Large: Atlanta, Cameron Miller, section chair
    Very Large: Greater Huntsville, Thomas Kmiec, section chair

    Communications - Third Place

    Small: Twin Cities, Brian Gulliver, webmaster
    Medium: Cape Canaveral, Jennifer Holland, newsletter editor and communications officer
    Large: San Diego, Cesar Martin, secretary
    Very Large: Houston, Daniel Nobles, section chair

    Honorable Mention

    Very Small: China Lake, Jeffrey Scott, communications officer and treasurer
    Very Large: San Francisco, Rick Kwan, communications officer