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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AVIATION 2014 Executive Summary

    AVIATION 2014 Executive Summary

    An essential driver of economic growth and stability, the aviation enterprise is in a phase of evolving business models, increased efficiency demands, emerging manufacturing methods, and constantly evolving technology integration. These trends offer unprecedented opportunities and challenges for new capabilities that could transform the way we utilize this critical asset.


    Addressing the theme of “Aviation’s Global Promise – Challenges & Opportunities”, the AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AVIATION 2014) will build on the foundation of AVIATION 2013 to stimulate thought-provoking conversations among industry leaders and the engineering and technical professionals that develop and operate aviation systems.


    This event will feature a full program of detailed technical discussions that will underpin the high-level conversations to provide a wide-ranging overview of the state-of-the-art in our industry. In addition to cutting-edge technical research presentations, we are including keynote presentations and panel discussions that focus on addressing some of the pressing issues associated with: 


    • Implementing new air traffic management capabilities
    • Rethinking our traditional commercial aviation operational models
    • Integrating and utilizing unmanned platforms to enhance our existing fleets
    • The evolving financial landscape for both commercial and military aviation system acquisition
    • Increasingly connected and networked aviation platforms
    • The implications of policy decisions on how we define, design, and field new operational systems


    A strong technical program—featuring more than 18 technical conferences and ITAR compliant sessions—addresses the broad spectrum of applied science and aviation technologies. More than 1,500 papers will be presented in 125 specialized topics focused on:


    • Environmental Impact of Aerospace Systems
    • Measuring, Testing, and Validation of Aerospace Systems
    • Aerodynamic, Fluids, and Thermal Sciences
    • Design and Optimization of Aerospace Vehicles
    • Aerospace Systems, Operations, and Life Cycle


    Networking activities at AVIATION 2014 include the Aerospace Exposition, Coffee Breaks, Luncheons, Receptions, recognition activities, and committee meetings.