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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics



    Alan Frankel 

    Instructors come from the membership of the Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee, as well as outside industry and government experts. Lineup of instructors varies from year to year based on subject matter.


    Dr. Ivett Leyva 

    Dr. Leyva is the leads of the Combustion Devices Group at AFRL/RZSA. Dr. Leyva currently leads a project studying the effect of high amplitude acoustics on injector flow at subcritical to supercritical conditions. This research looks at combustion instability, both experimentally and numerically.


    Patrick Alliot

    Mr. Alliot is a senior technical expert at the Space Engine Division of SNECMA. Mr. Alliot has been the Deputy Project Manager for the Vinci upper stage cryogenic engine, as well as the Technical Manager for the HM7B and Viking engines for Ariane IV. Mr. Alliot has managed the structural and thermal analysis group at SNECMA.