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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Third International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods

    Third International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods

    3 - 4 January 2015
    0830 - 1700 hrs

    Location: Kissimmee, Florida
    Venue: Gaylord Palms and Convention Center
    Workshop registration is required to attend



    High-order numerical methods for unstructured meshes offer a promising route to solving complex industrial fluid flow problems by combining superior accuracy with geometric flexibility. The 3rd International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods are being organized by a committee of 21 international members chaired by H. T. Huynh of NASA Glenn Research Center and Norbert Kroll of DLR


    • To provide an open and impartial forum for evaluating the status of high-order methods (order of accuracy > 2) in solving a wide range of flow problems
    • To assess the performance of high-order methods through comparison to production 2nd order CFD codes widely used in the aerospace industry with well-defined metrics
    • To identify pacing items in high-order methods needing additional research and development in order to proliferate in the CFD community 

    Source for more information:

    The workshop is open to participants all over the world. To be considered as speakers, participants need to complete at least one sub-case.
    A number of fellowships will be provided by Army Research Office (ARO) and NASA to pay registration fees for undergraduate and graduate students to attend the workshop and present their work. If you are interested in applying for this registration waiver, please contact H. T. Huynh.

    For more information, please visit For questions, please contact H. T. Huynh at or 216-433-5852.