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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Sustainable (Green) Aviation

    Course Outline

    • Air Transportation and Environment
      • Introduction to Sustainability in the Context of Aviation
      • Growth Trends in Air Transport and Travel
      • Environmental Impacts of Aviation – Noise and Emissions
      • Health Impacts of Aviation
      • The Social and Economic Impact/Benefits of Aviation

    • Green Aircraft and Engine Technologies for Reducing Fuel Burn & Noise
      • Noise & its Abatement, Silent Aircraft
      • Emissions & Fuel Burn
      • Innovative Aircraft Designs/Concepts: Blended Wing-Body Aircraft, Laminar Flow Wings, Hydrogen Powered Aircraft, Electric Powered Aircraft, Solar Powered Aircraft, Morphing Aircraft, Outboard Horizontal Stabilizers  (OHS)
      • Innovative Engine Technologies/Concepts: Geared Turbofans, Open Rotor Engines, Low NOx Combustors, Fuel Cells
      • Operational Improvements: NextGen ATM, Air - to - Air Refueling (AAR), Close Formation Flying (CFF)
      • Other Areas: Wireless Cabins, Recycling, Microwave Dissipation of Contrails

    • Alternative Aviation Fuels & Materials
      • Blended Jet Fuels, Biofuels, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells
      • Advanced Composites, Metal Composites

    • Modeling and Analysis Methods and Tools
      • Key Technology Considerations and Elements in Low Emission & Quiet Aircraft Design
      • Integrated Aircraft/Engine Modeling/Analysis Tools for Environmental Performance Studies of Various Aircrafts Types
      • Models and Analysis Tools for Evaluation of the Effect of Changes in Operations
      • Integrated Analysis Tools to Model the Economic & Environmental Impact of Aviation

    • Sustainable Green Airports
      • Key Components of a Contemporary Aviation Ground Support System/Infrastructure
      • Sustainable Power for Airports
      • Multi-modal Airports
      • Electric/Hybrid Ground Vehicles