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    Course Outline

    Liquid Atomization, Spray, and Fuel Injection in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

    Course Outline:

    Day 1

    • Description of the Atomization Process
    • Disintegration of the liquid jets
    • Disintegration of liquid sheets
    • Drop breakup in air flow, turbulent flow, and viscous flow
    • Types of Atomizers and their design features
    • Spray drop size distribution and measurements
    • Drop and spray evaporation


    Day 2

    • Fuel spray in the combustor confines
    • Spray flame in gas turbine combustors
    • Spray flame stabilization
    • Effects of fuel nozzle design and operating parameters on spray characteristics and combustor performance
    • Effects of fuel nozzle design and operating parameters on emission of pollutants
    • Matching of Fuel spray with the combustor
    • Fuel nozzles for Lean Direct Injection
    • Advanced concepts