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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Overview

    Emerging Concepts in High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion


    High speed air breathing propulsion is becoming more prevalent. The standard approaches involve turbojets, scramjets, and turbine based combined cycle systems. Emerging cycles include the Japanese ATREX engine (Air Turbo Ramjet Engine with eXpander cycle) and the air-breathing rocket engine, which rely on pre-cooling the air with heat exchangers. Additional emerging cycles include pressure gain cycles (Pulse Detonation Engines and Rotating Detonation Engines), Mass Injection Pre-Combustion Cooling (MIPCC), Oxy-Boost which injects oxygen during the cycle, and turbo-ramjets in which the air bypasses the turbojet at high speeds and the afterburner is treated as a ramjet. This course is designed to explore these cycles and bring a theoretical understanding of how to apply them and what performance advantages they might have.

    Key Topics:

    • Overview of multiple combined cycle propulsion systems
    • ATREX engine cycle
    • Air-Turbo Rocket engine cycle
    • Mass Injection Pre-Compression Cooling (MIPCC) cycle modification
    • Oxy-boost cycle modification

    Who Should Attend:

    The audience for this course is comprised of advanced aerospace conceptual designers and analysts interested in the application of hypersonic air-breathing to hypersonic cruise and access to space missions. These include but are not limited to aircraft designers, propulsion engineers, systems engineers, and aerodynamicists.

    General Course Information:

    • Type of Course: Instructor-Led Short Course
    • Course Level: Fundamentals/Intermediate
    • Course Length: 2 days
    • AIAA CEU's available: yes