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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interactions

    Course Outline:

    • Review of fundamental physics
      • What is compressibility?
      • Basics of Gasdynamics
      • Compressible viscous flow
      • 3-dimensional separation
      • Exercise (basic gasdynamics, basic viscous flow, interpretation of real data)
    • Classification of SBLIs
      • 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional transonic/supersonic/hypersonic
    • Fundamentals of 2-dimensional interactions
      • Basic physics of normal SBLI
      • Basic physics of compression corner
      • Basic physics of impinging shock interaction
      • Laminar vs turbulent and transition effects
    • Fundamentals of 3-dimensional interactions Separation
      • Free interaction theory
      • Glancing interaction / sharp fin
      • Blunt fin
      • Swept Compression corner
    • Exercise (contrast viscous/inviscid flowfields, interpret/analyse actual experimental data)
    • SBLI control
      • Introduction: Types of control (BL- vs Shock-control)
      • Boundary layer controls
      • Shock controls
    • 3D/corner effects on ‘2D’ interactions
      • Transonic normal SBLI
      • Impinging oblique SBLI