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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Grassroots Advocacy

    Grassroots Advocacy

    The AIAA Grassroots Public Policy program offers AIAA members an exciting way to ensure that their voices are heard on the most crucial issues facing aerospace today. Open to all active members of the Institute, the Congressional Visits Day program and other grassroot events, engage Congressional decision makers by reminding them that aerospace is not only important to the United States but also to their local communities.

    AIAA Grassroots Public Policy Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can anyone take part in AIAA Grassroots Public Policy programming?  

    A: Yes. AIAA Grassroots Public Policy Programs are open to all active members of the Institute who are American citizens. The only requirement is that your AIAA membership be active.

    Q: But, I work for the Government, are you sure I can take part too?  

    A: Absolutely! While you are a federal employee, you are an American taxpayer and eligible to vote in elections, thus you are entitled to discuss issues of concern with your Congressional representative. For a more detailed explanation of your eligibility to take part in our grassroots programs, please contact Duane Hyland at 703.264.7558 or

    Q: What types of Grassroots Public Policy Programs does AIAA offer?  

    A: AIAA offers the Congressional Visits Day program each year in March, various state level events held throughout the year, and other advocacy opportunities as they arise.

    For specific information on the AIAA Congressional Visits Day program, please visit our CVD page