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    August is for Aerospace

    All Aerospace is Local! 2013

    Aerospace is too big to limit to just one month, so we have changed the name of our August is for Aerospace program to better represent that fact. Our new program, All Aerospace is Local, continues the relationships you built with your Congressional decision maker at CVD but does not limit you to just a 31 day period. The new program encourages you to involve your decision makers in your section and local happenings whenever you want to during the summer and fall months! All Aerospace is Local is a critical part of an effective advocacy campaign which promotes frequent communication between you and your member of Congress. The AIAA All Aerospace is Local program is a great way to showcase the aerospace profession and helps ensure that when members of Congress think of the summer and fall, they will begin to think of Aerospace! 

    Here is a template you can use to generate a letter of invitation to your Congressional representative for your event.

    And, here is some guidance on how to go about inviting your Congressional representative to your event.

    If you have any other questions about the All Aerospace is Local program, please contact Duane Hyland at,or 703.264.7558.

    All Aerospace is Local Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the AIAA All Aerospace is Local program?

    A: An opportunity for AIAA members to engage their elected officials during the summer and fall months.

    : Why the Summer and Fall?  

    A: Every summer and fall, members of Congress return to their home districts as part of their work. Without the distraction of endless meetings, voting on legislation, and committee hearings, meeting with your Representative in your home district is much easier.

    : Do activities have to happen in August?  

    A: No. All Aerospace is Local activities can happen anytime between May and December.

    : How can I schedule a visit with my Representative?

    A: Start by coordinating with your section. Find out who else might want to participate. Ask those who have attended CVD if they could lead the meeting. Once you decide on what your section would like to accomplish, begin by getting a date scheduled with the Scheduler or Executive Assistant of the desired representative.

    Q: Does it have to be a formal meeting in the home district office?  

    A: No! Many Representatives like to “get their hands dirty” so to speak. Take them on a tour of the facility you work at; show them what you have been working on. Invite them to a regularly scheduled section dinner or special event – be sure to thank them and give them a photo opportunity for joining you.

    Q: I didn’t attend CVD this year; can I still participate?

    A: Absolutely! It is often difficult planning travel to Washington, DC every year. The AIAA All Aerospace is Local program provides more members with the experience of meeting with their Representatives and staff.

    Q: What do I talk about with my Member?  

    A: Unlike CVD, where we have set issues to cover in our meetings, visits in the home district office can be a lot less formal. Tell them why aerospace is important to you and your congressional district; thank them for the work they’ve been doing during the current session; talk about the things that are important to you and how they fit with the overall theme of the value the aerospace industry has on America. Don’t forget to ask them what you can do for them, too!

    Q: Are there sponsorships available?  

    A: Sections are encouraged to apply for sponsorship funds from AIAA headquarters. Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must demonstrate a specific need such as supplementing costs of catering, event promotion or travel. AIAA has generously allocated $30,000 for sponsorship of meetings, and will award sponsorships in amounts between $250-$1000. Applications must include date and time of event, event budget, and expected attendance.

    If you have any other questions about the All Aerospace is Local program please contact your section chair or public policy officer. You can always contact AIAA Headquarters, as well as Duane Hyland (, 703.264.7558, who will be more than happy to assist you.