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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    A Practical Introduction to Preliminary Design of Air Breathing Engines

    Course Outline:

    I. The Engine Design Process (1)
    a. Introduction
    b. Design: from Concept to Manufacture

    II. The Engine Design Process (2)
    a. Propulsion Systems & Components

    III. Engine Cycles & Configurations
    a. The Simple Turbojet & Performance Criteria
    b. More Complex Engine Configurations

    IV. Fans & Compressors
    a. Performance Requirements
    b. The Compression Process
    c. Design Approach

    V. Turbines
    a. Performance Requirements
    b. The Expansion Process

    VI. Combustors & Augmenters
    a. Performance Requirements
    b. Combustion Fundamentals
    c. Main Combustor Design Consideration
    d. Augmenter Design Considerations
    e. Ramjets and Scramjets

    VII. Exhaust Systems
    a. Requirements & Performance Criteria
    b. Subsonic & Multi-mission Nozzles
    c. Noise Considerations

    VIII. Inlets & Nacelles
    a. Installation & Performance
    b. Subsonic & Multi-mission Inlets
    c. Performance Criteria

    IX. Secondary Systems
    a. Aerodynamic, Fluid, Mechanical

    X. The Future of Design Methods
    a. Levels of Modeling
    b. The role of Thermal Management
    c. Towards a “Numerical Test Cell”