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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Radar Principles and Applications

    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction
    a. Basic Concepts, And Review Of Probability, Linear Systems And Transforms, Wave Propagation
    b. Radar Functions And Classifications, Radar Range Equation, Noise, Signal-To-Noise Ratio
    c. Fundamental Design Tradeoffs And System Block Diagrams

    II. Analysis Of Radar Systems
    a. Radar System Design, Probabilities Of False Alarm And Detection,
    b. Integration Of Pulses And Processing Gain
    c. Radar Cross Section (Rcs), Definition Of Rcs; Rcs Of Typical Targets, Rcs Reduction Methods; Stealth, Swerling Types

    III. Doppler Effect, Cw And Fmcw Radars
    a. Doppler Shift, Continuous Wave (Cw) Radar And Doppler Filtering; Fft, Frequency Modulated Cw (Fmcw) Radar

    IV. Airborne Radars
    a. Moving Target Indication (Mti), Pulse Doppler Radar; Range And Velocity Ambiguities
    b. Clutter Illumination And Spectrum; Delay Line Cancelers; Mti Improvement Factors

    V. Overview Of Microwave Devices Used In Radar Systems
    a. Passive Devices: Filters; Multiplexers, Circulators; Isolators
    b. Active Devices: Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Mixers
    c. Radar Antennas: Antenna Parameters, Reflectors; Lenses; Sidelobe Control
    d. Arrays: Multibeam Antennas; Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (Aesas)

    VI. Search And Tracking Functions
    a. Search Versus Track Functions; Search Radar Equation
    b. Monopulse; Conical Scan, Low Angle Tracking And Multipath; Frequency Diversity

    VII. Radar Receivers
    a. Matched Filters, I And Q Receivers
    b. Analog And Digital Pulse Compression (Chirp)
    c. Ambiguity Diagrams; Measurement Accuracy; Resolution

    VIII. Special Radar Systems And Applications
    a. Imaging Radars: Synthetic Aperture Radar (Sar), Stepped Frequency Radar, And Laser Radar
    b. Ultra-Wideband (Uwb) Radar And Ground Penetrating Radar
    c. High Frequency (Hf) Over-The-Horizon (Oth) Radar
    d. Bistatic Radar
    e. Doppler Weather Radar