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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference 2011

    AIAA Video

    Babbitt, Bolden, Bigelow, LaHood Keynote the 14th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference, 9–10 February 2011

    LaHood Urges Attendees to "Keep Dreaming Big"

    Dr. George C. Nield, the FAA's Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, welcomed a packed house of attendees to the 14th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference on the morning of Wednesday, 9 February, in Washington, DC. Nield provided some opening remarks and then welcomed the two morning keynote speakers, the Honorable Randy Babbitt, FAA Administrator, and the Honorable Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator. Babbitt reminded the assembled crowd that while they strive for success, safety should continue to be at the top of their list. He re-emphasized President Obama's words from his State of the Union address, declaring to the attendees that they should "dream big and build big." He reiterated that he is "100% behind the commercial space endeavor," and that the goal is to make it as routine as taking a shuttle from Washington, DC, to New York. Watch the videos below.

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