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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Why Attend?

    Why Attend?

    The federal government’s approach to space programs has changed significantly and will continue to evolve. New companies are entering the launch services market, while others are pioneering whole new markets such as space tourism or space solar power. Commercial companies are involved in everything from astronaut training to delivering cargo to the International Space Station. Meet the people who are making “Commercial” the new future of space.

    Who Should Attend?

    Launch Service Providers 

    •  Understand commercial launch license requirements direct from responsible FAA staff
    •  Network with colleagues from all of the major industry innovators and providers
    •  Exchange ideas about requirements and solutions with government oversight officials from the FAA and NASA
    •  Learn about future commercial space activities from government and industry leaders

    Spacecraft Developers and Operators 

    •  Get intimate insights into emerging launch systems and transportation concepts
    •   Interact with government and industry leaders about future commercial space activities
    •   Engage with leading launch service suppliers

    Spaceport Operators  

    •  Understand the regulatory environment affecting spaceports directly from key FAA staff
    •  Network informally with colleagues from other spaceports and in the launch services community

    Suborbital Researchers 

    • Collaborate and coordinate research requirements with vehicle developers
    •  Understand the impact of suborbital designs on your R&D capabilities and integrationspecifications

    Government Regulators  

    • Discover the current status of all of the commercial vehicles receiving government support
    • Interact with industry executives in a neutral forum to discuss viewpoints, issues, and optimum regulatory strategies

    Students and Early Career Professionals  

    • Meet the players making commercial space a reality
    • Learn about emerging commercial space systems you might help develop

    Space Enthusiasts  

    • Gain first-hand insight on the current state of the industry
    • Meet the players in a one-on-one environment

    What to Expect?

    You’ll meet the “movers and shakers” of the commercial space industry, and learn about the latest issues and developments that keep them awake at night. Since this event is held in Washington, D.C., many attendees will schedule an extra day to meet with key legislators and staffers on Capitol Hill.



    The event features a dynamic mix of technical information and commercial space business and policy issues. Subjects range from risk assessment and space
    weather to the latest developments in legislation and government funding opportunities.



    Expand your professional contacts through the event's networking events, including:

    •   Daily Luncheons
    •   Networking Coffee Breaks
    •   Wednesday Evening Welcome Reception