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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Networking Events

    Networking Activities

    New Horizons in Aviation Forum

    Innovation in Aviation Over the Acquisition Lifecycle
    NHAF Chair: Vicki Crisp, NASA Langley Research Center
    NHAF Liaison: Dave Maroney, MITRE Corporation
    The New Horizons Aviation Forum offers an excellent networking opportunity as well as an ideal place for discussing the grand challenges facing the aviation enterprise today, particularly innovation. A number of issues involving modernization and sustainment face our current fleet of air vehicles and airspace systems. Today's operational pace imposes unprecedented requirements for repair, replacement, and enhancement of an aviation system in need of complete renovation. The New Horizons Aviation Forum will focus on what can be done to accelerate that needed renovation through Innovation! Join us in discussions on the complexity of the business models that drive acquisition decision-making and thus effect engineering and technology development. Contribute valuable insight to the performance and production challenges influenced by the balance of government, industrial infrastructure and its capabilities. Share visions of a future influenced by technologies outside of aviation, such as rapidly growing social media and globalization. The New Horizons Aviation Forum welcomes you to the present and dares you to take an adventure to the future!
    Monday, 17 September
    0800 - 1200 hrs
    Getting Innovation Off the Ground

    Keynote Speaker: Mark Anderson, Boeing Research and Technology
    Panel Moderator: Mark Pruger, Director of Advance Programs, Rolls-Royce
    The Challenges of Working with Diverse Business Models: Industry OEMs, Airlines, Government, National vs International, Venture Capitalists create a level of complexity for market development and penetration with new products.

    Tuesday, 18 September
    0800 - 1200 hrs
    Getting Innovation Done

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, NASA HQ
    Panel Moderator: Dr. Juan Alonso, Stanford Engineering
    The Technical Challenges plaguing entrepreneurs/inventors/researcher: New concepts stress capability of computational tools and in addition, facilities struggle to address those gaps or to validate modeling assumptions.

    Wednesday, 19 September
    0800 - 1200 hrs
    Getting Innovation to Create the Future


    Keynote Speaker: Paul Eremenko, Acting Director, DARPA, Tactical Technology Office
    Panel Moderator: Mr. David Hinton, NASA LaRC
    The Impact of Changes from technologies inside and outside aviation: The future will be, should be, can be very different from today and will be accomplished through Transformational Flight technology development, Game Changing ideas and invention, and addressing the challenges within the Design of Complex Engineered Systems.

    Indianapolis Artsgarden

    17 September 2012
    1830–2030 hrs

    Enjoy a reception with live music in the Indianapolis Artsgarden, formed of painted steel, limestone and tinted glass. The Artsgarden is a seven-story tall, glass-enclosed structure offering a spectacular view of the city.

    Awards Luncheon

    18 September 2012
    1200–1400 hrs

    Keynote Speaker: Phil Burkholder, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Technology for the Defense Sector, Rolls-Royce

    "Global Product Design & Integration Challenges, Opportunities"
    Awards scheduled to be presented include the Aircraft Design Award, the Hap Arnold Award for Excellence in Aeronautical Program Management, the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Award, the best paper certificate of merit, and the overall winner of the MDO Student Paper Competition, which is sponsored by Rolls-Royce and by Optimization and Advanced Analytics, Information Analytics, Caterpillar, Inc.

    Author Signing

    Designing Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Comprehensive Approach Author Signing

    Monday, 17 September
    1530-1600 hrs
    AIAA Bookstore

    Come by the AIAA Bookstore from 1530-1600 on Monday, 17 September to have your copy of Designing Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Comprehensive signed by the author, Jay Gundlach.
    Designing Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Comprehensive will be on sale for $76.97 (org. $109.95) at the AIAA Bookstore.